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Nice weekend

Having left J to act as a single parent to a preschooler while I was in Japan for two weeks, I returned home and immediately started in on my SIFF viewing. What with this past weekend being Father's Day and all, I kind of figured J needed a break. So Eleanor and I spent the weekend being party girls.

We started off on Saturday with a girls' stamping party at the house of one of the students from her daycare class. The kids had fun doing crafts and playing together; the moms drank mimosas; a fun time was had by all. Eleanor had a bit of a meltdown when she discovered that while she'd been playing in another room, some of the guests had made construction paper purses. I found out this was a problem as she attempted to pull open the front door, tears streaming down her face, sobbing that she wanted to go home right NOW! Once the source of the anguish was uncovered, I was able to convince her that staying to make the construction paper purse would be much more fun than going home. So she sat in my lap at the table while I made the purse for her. She did, at the end, write her name on the purse.

In the evening, we went to Cafe Paloma in Pioneer Square to see a show by the Kosher Red Hots. One of the lovely surprises of the evening was that the band, who frequently performs in a local Jewish retirement community, had several guest performers from the retirement community to sing old songs in Yiddish and Ladino. At one point, the singer led a little dance around the restaurant. Eleanor wanted to join the dance but refused to do so without me. When we finally got up and asked if she could dance too, she took the hand of the last person in line and told me "I can do it by myself, Mama. I don't need you." (This has been a recurring theme recently.) We had to leave sooner than I would have liked, but both the show and the restaurant were great!

On Sunday, we went to the birthday party of a friend's daughter who's a year younger than Eleanor. The girls had fun playing together, and Eleanor even managed to share the bubble sword birthday present with the birthday girl. My friend was kind enough to babysit Eleanor while I went off to see my final SIFF movie, Cthulhu.

The movie was a local production, filmed in Seattle and Astoria, and based somewhat on Lovecraft's story The Shadow Over Innsmouth. In this modern version, the protagonist is a gay man who, when his mother dies, has to make a journey back to the small town where he grew up and the family who refused to accept him. The twist is that his minister father is the head of the Order of Dagon (I'm assuming anyone who's on my friends list is familiar with the Lovecraft oevre). Absolutely beautiful camera work in the film, especially a particularly creepy basement scene where the protaganist uses a disposable flash camera to find his way out-- black screen interspersed with split second flashes of blinding light and images that were so brief you could hardly tell what they were, making them even more disturbing. If you like horror or suspense, I'd recommend putting this in your Netflix queue (along with the modern silent film production Call of Cthulhu)
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