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Quick post because I've got a publisher's deadline looming...

Ivy has asked me to let people know how she's doing. Right now she doesn't have access to a computer and has been too tired to get out anywhere. The best way to reach her is via text.

If you have time within the next week or two (this week would be ideal!), stopping in to sit with her and chat for a while is probably the best thing you can do for her.

Don't bring food! There's very little she can eat and what she's able to eat can change from day to day. She doesn't need presents either; there's absolutely no room in her apartment. Sitting, listening and providing some human companionship for short periods of time will do her the most good right now.

This post is unlocked. If you know someone on Ivy's friends list who's not on mine, please feel free to send them this way.

Edit: Quick clarification-- Ivy mainly wanted people to know she's not in hospice or "CVS on tubes." But from what I understand, she's too weak to spend much time out of bed right now. And if she's not up for company at a given time after all, don't take it personally. :)
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